exeunt october.

I absolutely cannot believe that it's November already. That being said, October wasn't such a terrible month. I got 3 paychecks instead of 2 which went a long way towards paying my debts. I absolutely love the few months where I get an extra paycheck. Unfortunately, being paid biweekly those months aren't as frequent as they are for many of those lucky ones who get paid weekly but I have no business complaining. I have a job that I don't hate. And it pays me.

Also! I finally made it out with my bestie magpie and her recently titled "Mr." We went to see Law Abiding Citizen which would have been fabulous even if Gerard Butler didn't go topless. But he did. So it was even better than fabulous. You understand...
It was a nice change because I don't generally go out to the movies, given my financial predicament I can't really justify 12.50$ for a movie ticket alone, plus gas and the food and beverages I never buy. So I must admit that a trip to the movies was very nice for a change. I think I'll have to do it again!

And that's about all I got out of October. I worked a lot. Saw one movie. Not much else. Maybe November will bring along a little more for me....What did October bring for you?


Tracy said...

October brought a trip to Vegas... lots of stress over leaving the baby while we went on our trip to Vegas... a couple colds in casa de baby j... and lots of smiles as this little guy grows.

So far Nov has brought a little drool from that picture of Mr Butler himself. :-P

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