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If you're going to be in NYC this weekend and have 28$-30$ why not check out the Chocolate Show! Now I'm not a fan of chocolate but 3 days devoted ENTIRELY to everything chocolate kind of impresses me.

On another note...monkey and I have been together 5 years today. Well, I guess technically yesterday since it is almost 2am. For our anniversary I got him something from Etsy. My first Etsy purchase infact. Long time browser first time buyer. I'm pretty excited about it but because I had no idea what I was going to get I didn't order it in time for it to be created. Eh, he can wait but when I get it I'll be sure to show you what it is. VERY excited!!! It's cool, unique and was a great buy. I could only be happier if Etsy was on ebates. Oh, that would be glorious


Tracy said...

Happy 5 year anniversary! How is the wedding planning going?

Broke-Ass Babe said...

wedding planning isn't going...we won't be married for quite a while with the whole school shebang...i did get my shoes though!

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