crazy people can be so funny...

So, I've been working double shifts like a maniac and I'm tired and cranky and the government takes all of my money anyway because I'm unwed and without children so how can I handle constantly being at work blah blah blah.

It is a complete pain the my ass.

However. It is often also HIGHLY entertaining and thus easier to handle. I would like to tell you about a patient of mine, my current favorite patient in fact. Completely off his rocker. He is EASILY the craziest person I have ever met (and I meet A LOT of crazy people) but he makes me laugh. He has this thing where he thinks some people can turn into animals, usually "a wolf to the ceiling, 10 feet high, or 3 stories high maybe" or a lion. He himself is a zebra (under his skin he has his zebra stripes that's why you can't see them) and today I was sitting down chatting with him and learned so much about myself.

I am a bear. I used to be a bird (old news). Now I am a bear. "A small, baby bear not a big mean bear 4 or maybe 5 stories high, a baby bear maybe 7 or maybe 10 feet high." Not only am I a bear but I have prophecies and when I asked why he thinks I have prophecies he said "You have prophecies because you are a nice and pretty baby bear with green eyes of course!" (Mind you, they're definitely blue). And he went on and on. He simply makes me laugh and makes my miserable double shifts a little easier to deal with and so I figured I'd share in case you are maybe a small, baby bear with green eyes and felt a little alone right now. I'm here too.


Lora said...

LOL! Fantastic.

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

How about an ostrich with a propensity for creamsicles? Any idea how I fare along those lines? And my eyes aren't really green, they're more of a hazel. Am I doomed?

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